May 30th 2023 | 3 min read

Inviting Solutions for Small Space Holiday Dinners

Inviting Solutions for Small Space Holiday Dinners

Hosting in a small space takes some planning and an eye for design. Whether you live in an apartment, town home or a small space, you can transform your home to a warm and inviting space for the holidays. Decluttering is a great first step, and something you probably need to do, anyway. But there is so much more to hosting dinner in a small space than getting rid of old furniture or collectibles that have piled up over the years.

You can make your small space feel much larger and more welcoming with just a few easy tips.

Utilize Every Surface

If you are hoping to host a holiday dinner or get-together this year, utilize every surface. It is easy to fall into habits of seeing areas in your house with very specific purposes. That end table doesn’t have to just be decorative. Your coffee table can be moved to a different room for the day.

Making the most of your space includes maximizing every available surface. Consider how you can use different side tables or countertops for dishes, desserts, candles or decorations. Use these to your advantage and clear the bigger surfaces for seating and eating. Keep in mind too that your guests do not necessarily all have to sit together in the same space. In fact, having seating in different areas of your house can give another level of depth and a greater feeling of space throughout. Rather than trying to crowd everyone in a shared space around a table, clear the living room and move a table next to the couch for guests to sit.

Decorations that normally sit on countertops or tables throughout your home may need to be moved to different areas such as bookshelves or even the wall. Unique wall decorations can offer a comforting warmth for your guests. Furthermore, adding a mirror or good lighting throughout will add more life and depth to your get-together.

Cook Beforehand

Nothing makes hosting in a small space easier than proper preparation. By cooking and preparing dishes beforehand, you can limit the amount of cooking required the day of your get-together. Preparing your food ahead of time can help free up counter space that you can use for your party.

Plan ahead and figure out what you need to do at least a week before your get-together. If you are cooking a large holiday dinner, you may need to start cooking 12-24 hours ahead of time, anyway. Try preparing side dishes like jellos, salads and desserts a few days before if possible. Consider asking guests to bring drinks or other side dishes that you can easily put out on the table when they arrive.

Cool Down Your Space

Another way to make your home feel more spacious and inviting is to cool it down beforehand. If your space is warm and stuffy, and your guests are packed in tight, they will be uncomfortable the whole time. Freeing up space in your home is important, as is considering other areas of comfort.

By cooling down your house, you can ensure the space is comfortable and inviting. When guests arrive, they may feel a bit chilly, but as the extra body heat takes over, your home will quickly warm up. Take advantage of this by opening the window or lowering the thermostat a few degrees. Not only will your guests feel more comfortable, but you will save some money on your heating bill, too.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Finally, you can make your space feel larger by focusing on the layout and arrangement of your furniture. Creating an open seating area by rearranging your furniture can give the space a larger and more inviting feel. Consider how facing the furniture toward each other will offer your guests opportunities to see and converse, even if they are not next to each other.

Ottomans can strategically be used as seating options, and can liven up the look and feel of a room. Decorative benches and arm chairs are great pieces of furniture for seating around the table or in your living room, as well. Find inspiration for your living room, kitchen, dining room and home, and see how you can add inviting warmth to your space.

Host Comfortably

Hosting around the holidays is complicated enough. Take some complication out of it by utilizing every surface and making your space feel larger and more inviting. Your guests will feel right at home when you take a step back and see your space in a new light.

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