Oct 11th 2022 | 3 min read

Here's How to Use Poufs and Ottomans and Stools, Oh My!

Here's How to Use Poufs and Ottomans and Stools, Oh My!

There is something so special about looking around your home and seeing a place that truly reflects your aesthetic style while optimizing your lifestyle. Modern interior design is all about building harmony in form and function for rooms that feel as glorious as they look. Supportive furniture pieces like poufs, ottomans and stools offer stunning versatility throughout any room in the home to bring out the best in each space.

With so many uses for these picturesque power-players, it can feel daunting to know where to begin. Well, you’ve come to the right place, friends. Read on for our guide to incorporating poufs, ottomans and stools into your home design.

1. Add Visual Interest with Color and Texture

Color and texture enrich the aesthetic appeal of interior design. Throw blankets, rugs and toss pillows are common ways to bring visual interest to your space, but you can add even more flourishes with support pieces. Poufs and ottomans in whimsical faux shearling, pintucked faux leather and plush faux fur create aesthetic focal points that draw the eye, enhancing the dimension of living rooms and bedrooms.

Adding color and texture to your space doesn’t mean adding chaos. Build these elements within your own interior design style, color palette and shape preference. From eclectic bo-ho style to spaces with clean lines, poufs, ottomans and stools help to bring your modern interior design style together with enhanced aesthetic cohesion.

2. Redefine Storage and Display

Storage doesn’t have to mean dark closets or stacked plastic boxes. In fact, the ideal table may not be a table at all. Typically thought of as foot rests, ottomans can take the place of a number of other functional pieces in your home. Add a track and some knicknacks to your ottoman to create hallway, entryway and powder room decor displays. Using a large ottoman in the place of a coffee table is visually interesting and cozy, while offering additional space for seating when entertaining.

Storage ottomans add even more functionality, providing easy access to items you want kept out of view for a more elegant look to your living room. Storage ottomans are especially ideal in children’s bedrooms and play areas, keeping the spaces tidy with soft and safe storage for games and toys.

3. Maximize Comfort Throughout Your Home

Home is a place for comfort – both for you and your guests. Support pieces like poufs, ottomans and stools enable you to add comfortable extra seating throughout your home. A tufted ottoman in the entryway or mudroom provides a cozy and beautiful spot to remove shoes. Round ottomans, poufs and stools make for perfect occasional seating for guests, and create a visually pleasing tableau when not in use.

Place these pieces at the foot of your bed, beneath your favorite windows or in a reading nook to craft inviting spaces to sit, lounge and love your home. A small storage ottoman with a plush top can make a great vanity seat, as well as a perfect place to stash your makeup kit.

When you want to kick up your feet at the end of the day or get extra cuddly during a movie night, there’s nothing better than a well-placed ottoman. You can even place a pouf beside your office chair if you need to take a little break between meetings.

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