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See you at home.

Wovenbyrd ™ is a celebration of you: furniture built to reflect your style, your space, and your story.

Styles to grow up with.

For when

Discover the Wovenbyrd ™ collection that complements your style and taste:

Decorative blue velvet Ottoman inside the Wovenbyrd logo

The Nomad

The Nomad

For those still wandering.

The Beatnik

The Beatnik

For the leaders of the next great revolution.

The Executive

The Executive

For those who create their own destiny.

The Headliner

The Headliner

For those who never ‘simply’ entertain.

Live in
your element.

Our collections are curated to support your home with timeless styles, playful pairings, and nimble functionality.

Be right here.

No matter where your life takes you,
let our styles help create a space
to welcome you home.

A textured woven barrel chair in cream from the Nomad Collection by Wovenbyrd