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Create a space that truly feels like home. Answer these ten questions to identify your design style.











What’s the mood you’re going for in your home?

Antique charm with a touch of modern. Perfect for cozy nights in curled up with a book.

Sleek and no nonsense. Clean lines and functionality are all you need.

Glamorous. After all, the finer things in life are the only things worth having!

Open and airy. Natural light is just as important as your morning cup of joe.

Relaxed and breezy. No fancy dinner parties here! You keep it close and casual.

What’s your idea of a perfect day?

Select the answer that is closest to your ideal day.

No human interaction—just a full glass of your favorite wine, ordering in some pizza and savoring a much needed Bridgerton marathon.

Your perfect day is a productive day. Crossing every item off your to-do list is enough of a dopamine rush to set you up for a successful week!

Indulging in a spa day: luxury manicure and pedicure, a deep tissue massage and lavender aromatherapy.

An intimate gathering at home where you do the cooking. Smooth jazz and the sizzle of a hot pan is music to your ears.

Walking barefoot along the beach with your favorite person or pet. After watching the sunset, you grab a few tacos and a beer before calling it a night.

Pick your dream home.

Classic home in the suburbs

Modern loft at the heart of the city

Regal mansion with gated entrance

Rustic farmhouse in the countryside

Beachfront hideaway steps from the water

Which room makes you feel most at home?

Timeless designs furnished with versatile pieces

Wood and faux leather elements

Lots of color, florals and accents

Clean lines and shapes for an elevated look

Hues and textures inspired by a beachside retreat

Let’s talk color. Which of these palettes is your favorite?

Cozy neutrals with a pop of color

Moody neutrals

Rich jewel tones

Calm neutrals and pastel accents

Muted cool tones

What book is on your coffee table?

Homebody by Joanna Gaines

MoMA Now by Glenn Lowry

Chanel Collections and Creations by Danièle Bott

Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style

Beaches by Gray Malin

Take a seat, any seat.

How would your friends describe you?

Select the answer that describes you best.

A homey hermit

A straight shooter

The life of the party

The hostess with the mostest

A free spirit

Which room are you looking to style?

Select all that apply

Living Room








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