Jun 15th 2022 | 3 min read

The Essential Entertaining Checklist for a Successful Evening

The Essential Entertaining Checklist for a Successful Evening

Some people are born to entertain guests, some achieve entertaining greatness with practice and others find themselves unwittingly in charge of a shower or birthday party with no clue what to do.

Hosting friends, family or colleagues at home can bring out the nerves and stress in even the most seasoned entertainers. The hours leading up to the event can be a mad dash to get everything just right. Seasoned hosts know that great evenings begin long before the guests arrive, and that the secret to successful entertaining isn’t in choosing the perfect finger foods, crafting a custom cocktail or making personalized party favors. The secret to successful entertaining is comfort.

When you create a space and atmosphere that makes your guests feel comfortable, you free them from social jitters and help open them up to joyful engagement. Here’s our checklist for hosting a successful evening by design.

1. Make a Place for Everyone

When there isn’t enough seating for every guest to enjoy the night comfortably, it doesn’t just leave the folks left standing or on the floor uncomfortable. Before you entertain entertaining, make sure you have designed your home with ample seating to accommodate your ideal guest list. This includes the appropriate number of dining chairs and accent chairs for a complete home design, as well as comfortable, attractive occasional seating. Ottomans, poufs, and benches not only add style to the home, but can easily be accessed to provide more space for guests when entertaining. When not in use, occasional seating can be stowed attractively under coffee tables, against the wall or used as decorative display. An accent chair kept in the bedroom can also function as occasional seating without disrupting the flow of your design.

2. Remove Clutter

Cleaning before an evening of entertaining is a no-brainer, but dust around the baseboards won’t go as noticed as scattered odds and ends. Remove clutter, especially personal items like mail, calendars with private information and any other items that may inspire guests to do a double take. Storage ottomans provide an easy, attractive way to stash such items out of sight, while also providing additional space to accommodate guests. If you have books on the shelf that may make guests uncomfortable, they can easily be stowed in an ottoman in the living room. Store medications or other private items in a bathroom storage ottoman and top it with a tray with candles, incense or charming decor. This won’t just make your guests more comfortable, but you as well.

3. Have Something for Everyone

Furniture goes a long way in providing for the comfort of your guests. The next place to plan ahead for comfort is your pantry and kitchen cabinets. With dietary restrictions on the rise, and many people turning toward sober lifestyles, make sure you’ve stocked your pantry with options that enable your guests to enjoy the evening without having to feel like a bother. Gluten-free crackers, non-dairy dips and other more universal treats have a long shelf life and will make you a more mindful host. When purchasing wine or cocktail ingredients, add some delightful sparkling waters, sodas and juices so you can offer something to sober friends without drawing attention.

Craft Comfort with Wovenbyrd

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