Apr 21st 2022 | 3 min read

Design Tips For Unusual Spaces

Design Tips For Unusual Spaces

Homes almost always come with quirky spaces that pose interior design conundrums. This is as true for vintage city apartments,18th-century houses and converted structures as it is for brand new suburban constructions. Confounding nooks, crannies and odd architectural features are an invitation to get creative. While it may be tempting to throw up your hands and hide them with a decorative screen or simply leave them be, figuring out how to make them work functionally or aesthetically is a wonderful opportunity to make your house uniquely yours.

Before tackling the design of an unusual space in your home, you need to ask yourself two questions: “How can this space serve the room or hallway it’s in?” and “How can this space delight me?” You should be able to find an answer for one or both of those questions, but even if you can’t, Wovenbyrd has some helpful tips for transforming an odd space into your favorite corner of your home.

Build Your Own Built-In

Recessed spaces like nooks and alcoves and even shallow closet spaces lend themselves beautifully to built-in design features. If you work remotely or otherwise desire a cozy office space in the home, a nook or alcove provides the perfect spot. Simply measure the length and depth of the space to create a custom desktop surface and pair it with an appropriately scaled office chair, like Wovenbyrd’s Modern Curved Back Office Chair. This same principle can be applied to create a vanity in the bed or bath, or even built-in shelving. To enhance the depth of the space, consider painting the back wall of the nook a complimentary color to the main wall. Imagining these recessed spaces as if they’re their own piece of furniture turns a design challenge into a fun styling project. Shop Modern Curved Back Barrel Office Chair here. Shop Faux Shearling Barrel Accent Chair here.

Manifest Whimsy

Odd spaces in the home also provide an opportunity to create elements of whimsy in your interior design. An under-the-stairs stairs space, odd corner or dormer window can become an enchanting reading nook with the addition of a vintage lamp, miniature shelving and our Faux Shearling Barrel Accent Chair. A shallow recess in the living or dining room can become a whimsical space to display hanging wall art and showcase collectibles atop a decorative bench. Create a mini-bar and add barn-style doors to achieve a delightful reveal at your next soiree. If you have a green thumb, that corner you’re unsure about can come to life with greenery. If you craft or sew, perhaps this can become a little corner of inspiration. Tap into your imagination as you consider what these odd spaces could become and how they might bring you joy.

Turn Inconvenience into Incredible

Do you have a seemingly unusable space beside a door? How about several feet of space above your kitchen cabinets? Inconveniences like these can be frustrating to any interior designer, but with some cleverness and craftiness these spaces can become incredible. Depending on the clearance of that door, shallow shelving and a pair of small ottomans or poufs can add a sense of completeness when the door is closed. Showcase art, collectables or wine above those cabinets. Entryway benches make use of odd hallway spaces and vestibules. If a beam, pole or other structural element gets in the way of your design, challenge yourself to incorporate it. Hang pictures or art on it, transform it into 360-degree shelving or make it a room divider with decorative benches or a rice paper screen.Shop Modern Barrel Swivel Chair here. Shop 32" Modern Decorative Bench with Metal Base here.

Get Creative with Wovenbyrd

You should see yourself in every aspect of your home decor, even in those strange or challenging spaces. Empower your odd space interior design with pieces scaled for versatility and crafted for style. Wovenbyrd furniture is designed to delight, inspire and captivate with elevated styles that find easy homes in any space. Wovenbyrd furniture is both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable, making that nook, cranny or corner the new high-traffic spot in your house. When you’re ready to transform that unusual space with a fresh interior design project, take our quiz for added inspiration. Shop Wovenbyrd at Target, Wayfare or directly on our website. We look forward to getting creative with you!