May 19th 2022 | 3 min read

Congratulations On Your First Adult Home! Here’s How to Style It.

Congratulations On Your First Adult Home! Here’s How to Style It.

Do you remember when you first got to have a say in decorating your bedroom as a kid?

You may not have known it at the time, but that valuable moment was an important part of your development. You got to connect with yourself, your creativity and make a space that represented you. Moving into your first adult home is a similarly special experience. You’ve found your first homebase for life’s great adventure, and for the first time interior design beyond the bedroom is totally up to you.

Whether you’re moving with accumulated furniture and decor or starting from scratch, it can feel overwhelming to suddenly have a whole space to curate. Resist the urge to impulsively fill your new home fast. Rushing to furnish and decorate your place may make it seem less empty, but it won’t be full of the best quality of your interior design: you. Instead, allow yourself the opportunity to discover a style that feels comfortable, deliberate and authentic.

As creators of furniture styles to grow with, Wovenbyrd has some tips for approaching the design of your new grown-up house or apartment. Here’s how to bring more “you” into your new home.

1. Highlight What You Love

Think about the best interior designs you’ve seen. An element they likely share is that they tell a harmonious story. Whether their style is sleek and minimal or eclectic, the spaces we love to be in feel cohesive and purposeful. The story you’re telling in your new home is all about you. Take an inventory of the art, furniture, treasures and decor you’ve already accumulated and ask yourself which ones feel resonant and inspiring to you. Using those pieces as the basis for your style will help you incorporate your passions into your design. For example, if you’re an avid reader with a collection of old books, allow those to be the focal point of your living room. Use their colors and textures to guide the choices you make. For each room in your new home, choose something you love to highlight and inspire your style.

2. Blend Form and Function

Style isn’t just about how things look, but how they work. There are so many fun ways to blend form and function to best develop your interior design. One of the big ones is storage. For the sake of your mind and enjoyment of your space, it’s important to avoid clutter, but there’s only so much closet space, especially in those first few homes of adulthood. Using storage ottomans gives you a chance to combine the styles you love with the space-saving you need. Large round storage ottomans are a great place to stash games, remote controls, cables and extraneous items in your living room. They can also take the place of a coffee table and provide extra seating for guests. Small storage ottomans are perfect for decluttering bedrooms while enhancing your style with color and texture.

3. Make Great Seating a Priority

The pieces of furniture and decor you build your interior design around should make you feel your best. Even if the gallery wall is seamless and you have the perfect heirloom rug, coming home to a random assortment of old chairs is a big downer. Foundational pieces like armchairs and accent chairs should be at the top of your list for new pieces. Found throughout the home, great chairs add fullness and comfort to your home while you curate the rest of your vision. Look for an accent and armchairs that speak to you and fit seamlessly into your own personal style. Choose textures, shapes and colors that compliment those favorite things that inspire you. One hallmark of adulthood is having a favorite chair. Finding a piece that holds a connection to something you love definitely puts it in the running for that title.

Find Styles to Grow Up With at Wovenbyrd

That first place of your own is something you’ll always treasure. At Wovenbyrd, we design our furniture and home decor to be something you will treasure as well. With a variety of styles, fabrics and colors available, Wovenbyrd helps bring your new home to life with modern pieces that truly feel like you. We craft our furniture with versatility, comfort and function in mind so they can be a happy companion as you journey through the homes, careers and years ahead of you. We’re excited for this next phase of your life. Discover your new favorite addition to your first adult home by visiting our website today.