May 29th 2023 | 3 min read

5 Cute Bedroom Design Aesthetics for 2023

5 Cute Bedroom Design Aesthetics for 2023

Our bedrooms may often be overlooked as a low-priority for a redesign — after all, it is the one room in the house where we spend our non-waking hours.

But isn’t that the perfect reason to refresh your bedroom decor? After all, our bedrooms are a sanctuary; the place where we rise, and where we retire. It’s a space for rest, renewal and relaxation, where we can personalize its aesthetics, ambiance and mood, day or night. These are just a few reasons why making it a cozy, restful space is so important.

Why not make it the first place at home to update in 2023? Here are five modern bedroom design ideas trending this year that are the stuff made of sweet dreams. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist that one.)

Earthy Tones and Soft Colors

The whites and grays so closely associated with traditional bedroom colors are so last year. This year, it’s all about warm earth tones complemented by blush hues. Earthy shades invite warmth, while pinks and corals (either layered in or on their own) replace neutral tones with some softer colors — an artful contrast of depth with modernity. Another trend is the use of colors in different ways. “Layered, saturated and monochromatic colors will be big,” says designer Anastasia Casey. “Think eight shades of olive, all slightly off from each other.”

Scalloped, Curved Furniture

While large-scale furnishings are getting noticed as one 2023 bedroom design trend, big, blocky pieces with sharp corners are decreasing in popularity when compared to bedroom furniture with softer, rounded edges. So, this year, while king and California king beds are all the rage (space and square footage provided), so is curved edging. Opt for a scalloped headboard to evoke the feeling of being nestled in a cocoon, or sofas, side chairs or nightstands with rounded features.

A Curated Aesthetic

Buying an entire matching bedroom set has generally been the go-to for building a furniture foundation: matching nightstands, bed frame, dressers and chests, to name a few. We’re here to tell you that not only is curating pieces to your own personal tastes preferable — it’s one of this year’s most popular bedroom interior design trends. “By collecting artful, meaningful objects, be it fixtures, pieces of furniture, or actual art, a space takes on a more relaxed and personal atmosphere,” says Nina Etnier of Float Studio. Achieve this aesthetic by mixing different metals and finishes to ensure a timeless space that endures for years to come.

Bolder Textures and Patterns

Bringing some texture and prints into the bedroom is one trend to give it some character that, like the popularity of warmer and softer colors, goes beyond the norm of neutrality with white linens, curtains, etc. Floral and striped bedding combined with textured or luxury fabrics in throw rugs, or a patterned headboard bring the bedroom alive as a space to marvel in during daytime, and a place of respite at night. Use bold patterned drapery in new and inventive ways, like as a bed backdrop instead of a headboard, as curtains lining the wall to the bathroom, or to cover a wall without any decor or art.

Cultivating a Peaceful, Restful Space

The use of organic, sustainable and natural materials in furnishings, the renewed popularity of plants in the bedroom, low-profile furniture and even canopied beds create a sense of peace, harmony and connectivity with nature in the bedroom that we’re sure to see sustain past 2023 as a timeless design aesthetic. Design influencers note that the cultural popularity of health wellness extends to the way we create our bedroom space where, from the moment we rest our heads to the point we wake up, we feel renewed, energized and rested … more than just a trend, but a way of being.

Make Your Space Trend-Worthy With Wovenbyrd

The bedroom is, in essence, a sanctuary where the design possibilities are endless for making it your personal space, whether it’s giving your room an update or reinventing it with new furnishings, decor or accessories to personalize your bedroom. Let Wovenbyrd be your guide to inspire you with styles that are classic, modern, lasting, approachable and, last but not least, on trend for 2023. Contact us for more information.